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Ahi Kaa offers home based child care to the Far North community.  Our guiding principle is to ignite the fire of learning within the eyes of a child by fostering great relationships which will stand them in good stead as they make their way through the path of life.  

Ahi Kaa is the Maori tradition of "keeping the home fires burning".  This statement embodies what Ahi Kaa is striving to do, to ignite and fuel the fire of learning in the eyes of the child.

The first years of a child's life is commonly known as the most critical period in establishing a solid foundation of learnin for the child.  We in Ahi Kaa, will establish this foundation of learning through our varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Our values and principles like Tikanga and Manakitanga will feature as components to this foundation.  Tikanga, "Maori customary values and practices", and Manakitanga "Nurturing relationships, looking after others and being very careful of how they are treated is taught as a natural way of life.

Having these values and principles instilled at such an early age, will allow tamariki to establish their own foundation, nurture what they aspire to be, and allow them the freedom to be who they are in essence.

Our philosophy on Whanaungatanga (developing relationships) is core to Ahi Kaa's education system  Here is where we recognise that relationships are fragile and need to be nurtured; so our practice is to closely observe the interactions of the children with each other.  This is important to Ahi Kaa, as our intention are to ensure tamariki evolve into safe, healthy and meaningful relationships which progresses towards a foundation of Whaka Whanaungatanga (the bonding of a great loving relationship which is established for life,)

At the same time, Ahi Kaa recognises that there is a creator and we are his creation and we have a whaka whanaungatanga with Him.

Whakatauki mutunga 

"Bend the young shoot when it is still supple"